Welcome to Mocha Moon. We are the leading designer of innovative, upscale organization products. Our couture line includes functional cosmetic bags, totes and organizers. But our products do more than look good…they introduce order, style and convenience into the lives of our customers.Functional, elegant and versatile…we bring organization to disorder but we do it with style. Our goal is to help you feel organized and empowered. After all, our customers know who they are and what they want. Does your beauty routine make you feel accomplished, empowered, beautiful? Organize your life today and do with style.

Welcome to luxury…welcome to Mocha Moon.


Inspiration, Innovation, and Resourcefulness

The Mocha Moon line was created by Lori Louis, CEO and Consumer Products Entrepreneur. The signature product, the Cosmetic Couture Bag, is an ultramodern and innovative cosmetic organizer.It was inspired by Lori’s love of makeup and her frustration from digging through her vanity drawer and taking the tops off multiple lipstick tubes in order to find the shade of lipstick to match her outfit.

After unsuccessfully searching for a product that both looked good and was functional, Lori designed a system herself which became the Cosmetic Couture Bag. Word spread and women began asking to purchase the bag. The popular Cosmetic Couture Bag remains Mocha Moon’s best seller.

Beauty, Integrity and Empowerment

Mocha Moon’s strategy revolves around giving back and empowering others. One of the programs Mocha Moon is dedicated to supporting is Beauty and the Books. Beauty & Books Mocha Moon donates products, our talents and our time to help empower the community. We hand deliver our Cosmetic Couture bags filled with cosmetics and toiletries to women and teenage girls in battered women and homeless shelters. For small children we provide them with books and read to them aloud. We actively work with shelters to find out what their needs are and help to fill those needs.Mocha Moon seeks sponsors and partners who have a similar giving spirit and strategy. We accept volunteers, monetary donations, books, toiletries, and other products to donate to the program.

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Mocha Moon is designing a luxury line of products for men. Check back with us soon for more information. We also want to go green and believe that supporting the environment is critical. As products and materials come available we’ll be rolling out a line of green products.

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